Counting Down The Days!

It’s Cate, aka The Inquisitive 10-year-old (being curious isn’t always a good thing……. just saying…..) posting!

59 days TODAY! I’m really excited for our trip! Paradise isn’t very far away…… I’m thinking of beaches, safaris, riding ostriches and elephants….. and……OOOH! Lots of swimming! I LOVE SWIMMING!

OK, sorry, I’m going a little crazy. But wouldn’t you if you were going to be traveling the world in only a couple months?

Anyways, my mom, Gloria, has been having to get rid of a ton of stuff. And if it ain’t going to the dump or donation bins, it’s going into storage in the basement. Several car trips have been involved………

Make sure to check out the Kids Only section of this blog for more posts written by me, Cate, my brother, Cen, and my sister, Meskie.

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4 thoughts on “Counting Down The Days!

  1. Zoe

    Hi Cate,
    I’m Zoe and my Mum just showed me your blog. We’re a family of five too travelling around the world and we have been travelling for nine months so far. We will follow your blog and maybe you’d like to follow ours:)

  2. Thanks Zoe for following our blog. We will definitely follow yours as well.

  3. Angela

    I’m really looking forward to reading your (and Cen’s and Meskie’s) posts! And I’m super excited for you to see the world! Lucky ducky!
    Angela (Elijah’s and Ava’s Mom)

  4. Hi Cate, Cen, & Meskie! It’s Sophie. My mom showed me the blog and we are excited to read about the things you will be doing while on your trip. a bientôt!

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