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The Drunken Sailor World Tour

I love traveling. Always have. The notion that you can step on a plane and in a matter of hours be transported to a world completely different than your own? Amazing.

I travelled internationally a fair bit in my twenties – sometimes with friends, sometimes solo. My longest trip was about 4 months to Australia. This was back in the day of no email, no text messaging, no Skype, no Facetime, no Facebook, no Twitter. You get the idea…

My Dad (also known as The Serge and then later Grandpa Serge) struggled a bit with my adventurous spirit (and the lack of contact with his baby girl). He was a traditional Italian papa after all, with somewhat antiquated views of women and their role in the world. Continue reading

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We’re at our grandparents’ house!

Hi everyone. Right now I am blogging from my grandma’s (and grandpa’s, but we only say grandma’s) house. My mom had to clean this weekend, and when I say clean, I mean really clean. Like move-beds-and-vacuum-behind-them kind of clean. She spent 14 hours cleaning. Not in the same day, of course, but still. She spent that amount of time cleaning in a two-day period! I don’t know what my family would do without her! Our dad may have researching duty, but she has…….. uh, all the other duties necessary for travel, really. Like packing and cleaning and all those fun (so fun!) things (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?). Continue reading

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And then there were… still 5

The reality that we are leaving home in just over a week is finally sinking in. This trip has been years in the making, and the journey to get to this stage has had quite a few twists and turns (as all journeys do).

In its original form, our vision of traveling around the world included a fourth child (I’ll pause here for you to contemplate how insane Karl and I really are)… Good? Good. Continue reading

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Two Weeks Left To Go…

Looking around the house it does not feel like we will be on the road in just over two weeks. We have made a lot of progress but the list of things still to do seems daunting.

Our backpacks

Gloria is in micro management mode regarding the house, packing and end of year homeschool reporting. I can’t imagine where we would be at if I was in charge of organizing closing up our daily life.

On the actual travel packing front the good news is it seems we have more room in our backpacks than I thought we would. So I think we will get by with having the two large backpacks that we need to check in on the airplane and then each kid having their backpack that can go as carry-on.

As official travel planner I am madly trying to finalize the first couple of months of travel without booking everything. Continue reading

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