We’re at our grandparents’ house!

Hi everyone. Right now I am blogging from my grandma’s (and grandpa’s, but we only say grandma’s) house. My mom had to clean this weekend, and when I say clean, I mean really clean. Like move-beds-and-vacuum-behind-them kind of clean. She spent 14 hours cleaning. Not in the same day, of course, but still. She spent that amount of time cleaning in a two-day period! I don’t know what my family would do without her! Our dad may have researching duty, but she has…….. uh, all the other duties necessary for travel, really. Like packing and cleaning and all those fun (so fun!) things (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?).

Of course, now that our house is clean, if we were living there again, the house would get all messy again.

Coincidently, our grandparents are traveling (they left two weeks before our trip!), so we’re at their house now. We are currently eating, sleeping and doing basically everything at my grandma’s (and yes, grandpa’s) house. Plus, I get to sleep in the guest room. And the guest room……. drum roll please……….. has a queen bed! Very spacey and comfy compared to my twin bed at home.

And my grandma and grandpa have a really nice backyard with lots of flowers and plants, plus a greenhouse and a big pond where we can feed the fish. They even have a hot tub!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Make sure to check out Kids Only for more blogs by me and my brother and sister! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “We’re at our grandparents’ house!

  1. KJ

    Dear Cate,
    It’s KJ, who lives in Vancouver but who is writing this from Roquecor France. You should look that up on Google! I had to clean behind the beds too, before I left home, because someone else was going to be living in my condo while I’m in their house in France. Here’s my question Cate: were you and Cen and Meskerem helping Mom vacuum???????

    • Gloria

      Hi, Karen… Gloria here… there was a moderate amount of child help. Meskie is the bathtub cleaner extraordinaire (that girl is thorough). Cen cleaned toilets. Cate dusted. Not too shabby…

  2. Abbie

    Oh, only 10 more sleeps….smile…..I will be thinking of you guys as you zoom in the sky on your adventure. Abbie

  3. Gloria

    I LOVE you Cate! Mom

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