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The highs and lows of the Highlands

Last night (and the night previous) we stayed at a small guesthouse in the tiny town of Tanah Ratah, in the Cameron Highlands. Our room was bare-bones basic (i.e. beds and not much more than a couple feet of walking space). The bathroom was shared, without toilet paper, soap or a towel (BYOTP, S&T??), and the floor was covered in water most of the time (thank you, shower-loving neighbors).

You can read more about my new-found disdain for shared bathrooms further below.

Tonight we are in the (relative) lap of luxury just outside Ipoh, at the Lost World of Tambun hotel resort. Continue reading

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Ohhhhhh, Melaka!

Do you ever think back to a former version of yourself and have a little chuckle? Sure, my big hair and

Eating ice cream in a plastic egg cup on Jonker Street

Eating ice cream in a plastic egg cup on Jonker Street

questionable makeup choices in the late eighties are easy pickings. Plaid pants? I can’t…

But I really shake my head at my early parenting days – oh the hand wringing if there was any change in routine or a short trip to be made. A four-hour drive to Kelowna required a colossal amount of prep work and precision timing.

Now we throw a bag of peanuts, some crackers and a bottle of water into a bag and tell the kids to jump into a van for the seven hour trip from Taman Negara to Melaka.  Continue reading

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Action packed days in the jungle

It was a busy couple of days for the Fab5 but our time in Taman Negara was definitely well worth the effort.

Taking a dip in the Kuala Tembeling River

Taking a dip in the Kuala Tembeling River

From the moment we arrived and the kids spied a couple of boars roaming the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort I think we all knew we were in for something special. Of course we found out later that the boars were not that wild as we later saw them retire to a shed at the resort (probably ditto for the Tapir I bumped into that evening).  Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle (and a word from Cate)

I’m writing on a 6-hour train journey, headed to Taman Negara – one of the oldest and untouched jungles in the world. Goodbye to the crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches of the Perhentian Islands and hello to jungle trekking (she says with some trepidation, as bugs are not my friends. Mind you, neither is heat, and I’ve adapted to the sweltering temperatures and stifling humidity of Malaysia quite well). Insert eye roll from Karl here.

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Cen here. We have been on the Perhentian Islands for four days and it’s been awesome.

Deserted beach

Things I love about it:
– The beach: the soft sand and the warm water
– The floating dock that we can swim to and jump off
– The snorkelling!

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Our Pre-Perhentian Island Adventure! (& Gloria’s take on the train)

Inside sleeper train

Inside sleeper train

Hey everybody. Cate posting. After our wonderful six days in KL, we took an overnight jungle train to Tanah Merah, and from there we drove to the Perhentian Islands, composed of a small island (Kecil) and a big island (Besar).

I really enjoyed our time on the train even though we had no space for luggage – so we had to throw our bags in our berths. When the time came for us to go to sleep, we curled up our legs and dealt with it – and a very small amount of water (thank god it was an overnight train, otherwise we would have been parched).

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Goodbye KL

Today we leave Kuala Lumpur on an overnight train to Tanah Merah, followed by a boat ride to the Perhentian Islands,IMG_4542 where we will stay for 8 nights. KL was a great first stop on our journey.

Things we’ll remember about our time here:

–          The 2 Hs: heat and humidity (even when it’s cloudy)

–          The friendly people (will post another time about the fascination with our transracial family)

–          The food!!! Street hawkers, night markets, food fairs: everywhere you turn there are delicious food choices.  A large plate of food can cost as little as $2 Cdn. It can be a bit of sensory overload, but great cultural immersion.

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Lesson of the day (and a word from Cate)

When you feel a drop or two of rain in Kuala Lumpur and you see the locals sprinting for cover en masse (like some sort of bad sci-fi flick where everyone is fleeing from impending doom), you follow suit. Like, right away.

Monsoon!You don’t continue your sightseeing, thinking, “Oh that light sprinkling of rain is quite refreshing.”

Because within 30 seconds you will be caught in a torrential downpour – we’re talking monsoon rain, thunder and lightning strikes, and wind that could knock over a small child.

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Our first day in Kuala Lumpur!

Hi everybody, Cate here. It is nearly the end of our first day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a overnight stay in China, which was preceded by a thirteen-hour flight, we took a four-hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoying breakfast in Guangzhou China

Enjoying breakfast in Guangzhou China

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And We’re Off!!!!!!!

THE BIG DAY — YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_0005

We leave at 12:30pm. I love the First Nations statues at YVR. China, here we come!!!!!!

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