Our first day in Kuala Lumpur!

Hi everybody, Cate here. It is nearly the end of our first day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a overnight stay in China, which was preceded by a thirteen-hour flight, we took a four-hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoying breakfast in Guangzhou China

Enjoying breakfast in Guangzhou China

We settled into the hotel, watched some TV, then Cen, Meskie, my dad and I went to the pool while Mom rested. We played for a while, then came back and went to Berjaya Times Squares for dinner. At the mall, we saw the world’s largest capsule vending machine. It was really cool! I even tried a parantha wrap. It was delicious. Parantha+ BBQ chicken= yummy!!

World's largest capsule vending machine

World’s largest capsule vending machine

Anyways, I’m so excited for the rest of the time we will spend in Kuala Lumpur! 🙂

Heading towards Kuala Lumpur

Heading towards Kuala Lumpur

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One thought on “Our first day in Kuala Lumpur!

  1. Angela K.

    So cool!

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