Lesson of the day (and a word from Cate)

When you feel a drop or two of rain in Kuala Lumpur and you see the locals sprinting for cover en masse (like some sort of bad sci-fi flick where everyone is fleeing from impending doom), you follow suit. Like, right away.

Monsoon!You don’t continue your sightseeing, thinking, “Oh that light sprinkling of rain is quite refreshing.”

Because within 30 seconds you will be caught in a torrential downpour – we’re talking monsoon rain, thunder and lightning strikes, and wind that could knock over a small child.

I’d like to say we had no idea this would happen. But truth be told we witnessed torrential downpours the previous two days at approximately the same time in the afternoon. We just didn’t happen to be outside when the skies opened up, so didn’t realize we had literally seconds to spare from sprinkle to downpour.

As we took cover under a park awning, along with several other stranded Malaysian families, we contemplated our options.

Waiting out the rain

Waiting out the rain

We had tickets to see the Petronas Towers in just over an hour and didn’t think they’d allow soggy wet rats up the elevators. But on a tight budget and having spent 240 MR (Malaysian ringgits) on the tix, we also didn’t want to miss our appointed time.

We waited… Surely the downpour would pass within 15 minutes or so… We waited some more… One family took their chances and left… Then another… Time was running out.

We did the only thing we could think of. We told the kids to take off their shirts and make a run for it. By the looks on the faces of the remaining castaways, this was a somewhat unorthodox move. They also found my makeshift paper umbrella quite amusing.

We arrived at the towers, wiped off as best as we could, put the kids’ shirts back on and continued on our merry way. Just another day in KL.

And now a few words from Cate about the Petronas Towers experience:

Yes, OK, although the storm was not the best way to start off the exciting time at the Petronas Twin Towers, I (and the rest of the family, I’ m sure) really enjoyed the fun we had at the Towers.

In front of the Petronas Towers (before the rain hit)

In front of the Petronas Towers (before the rain hit)

Walking along the huge double-decker skybridge, suspended 170 meters above street level, PLUS viewing the teeny-tiny little city of Kuala Lumpur from the observatory on the 86th floor, 370 meters above the street, was amazing. But, I will admit it, I was scared. And I got a headache, maybe from the transition between being on the street in Kuala Lumpur, and being on the 86th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the world?

Petronas Towers Skybridge (41st floor)

Petronas Towers Skybridge (41st floor)

A view from the 86th floor (370 metres)

A view from the 86th floor (370 metres)

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that experiencing the Petronas Twin Towers was awesome. Stunning. And it can make you really nervous.

🙂 It was a great day, despite the (awful) time we spent with Mr. Monsoon.

Looking at the other tower from the 86th floor

Looking at the other tower from the 86th floor

Till the next blog post!

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9 thoughts on “Lesson of the day (and a word from Cate)

  1. Sarah Blais

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing adventure with all of us. You guys have a lovely way with words and really crack me up over and over again. On with fun and exploring 🙂

    • Hi, Sarah! Thanks so much for following our blog. It’s nice to feel the connection with folks back home!

  2. jeannette

    you should have taken a picture of your make shift umbrella and when you get back you can teach me how to make one as it will come in handy here in surrey b.c.

    • Too funny! I’m afraid it collapsed from the weight of the rain about 20 metres into my run… but it was worth a shot! And it definitely would have lasted longer there. (-:

  3. Angela K.

    A picture of you running while using the paper umbrella would have been fun too. 😉 Any food adventures yet?

    • At least I was wearing my shirt! The kids suggested I should take mine off too. Not a chance. A tank top is borderline acceptable here (at least 50% of women here wear hijabs and long sleeve shirts).

      Food is excellent. Hawkers everywhere. We had a wonderful dinner at a street market last night. Though a bit overwhelming when different vendors are pushing menus in your face and trying to usher you to their section of tables, while cars zoom by inches from your kids’ toes. Speaking of the kids, they thought the squids and chickens hanging from hooks were very cool. Whatever floats your boat I say…

  4. Marguerite

    Wow you are off to an exciting start! Rain or no rain what an amazing opportunity to see the towers! I too would have loved to see the paper umbrellas. 🙂

  5. Abbie

    lol….Oh, what fun….and ticks for being so resourceful with the running in the rain………smile…It reminds me of the monsoons in India…..

  6. Grandma & Grandlpa

    Hello Cate, Cen, & Meskie. Grandpa & Grandma here in Redruth, Cornwall, in England, visiting your cousins, Vita & Minnie. We are so thrilled you are enjoying the trip. Vita says Hello and so does Minnie. Love Grandpa & Grandma. , Vita, Minnie, Jeff & Ceri.

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