Goodbye KL

Today we leave Kuala Lumpur on an overnight train to Tanah Merah, followed by a boat ride to the Perhentian Islands,IMG_4542 where we will stay for 8 nights. KL was a great first stop on our journey.

Things we’ll remember about our time here:

–          The 2 Hs: heat and humidity (even when it’s cloudy)

–          The friendly people (will post another time about the fascination with our transracial family)

–          The food!!! Street hawkers, night markets, food fairs: everywhere you turn there are delicious food choices.  A large plate of food can cost as little as $2 Cdn. It can be a bit of sensory overload, but great cultural immersion.

Culinary delights at food market on Jalan Alor street

Culinary delights at food market on Jalan Alor Street

Jalan Alor at night

Jalan Alor at night

–         The crazy traffic (thankfully we had some training on how to survive no-rules drivers in Ethiopia a few years back, and thankfully the kids are old enough to bolt when we say “RUN!!!!”)

–          The pool at the Park Royal (ahhh, bliss)

–          The Orange Pekoe Guesthouse: the staff took a shine to the kids, calling them by name every time they saw them and treating them like local celebrities, complete with photo ops

Orange Pekoe Guesthouse

Orange Pekoe Guesthouse

–          The thunder, lightning and monsoon rain

–          The dizzying heights of the Petronas Towers


–          The Batu Caves (worth a lengthy post, but we’re short on energy today, packing up for the next leg in the journey). The kids loved the mischievous macaque monkeys, who delighted in stealing people’s bananas and coconuts, as well as climbing the 272 steps to the 400 million year old limestone caves.

Entrance to Batu Caves

Entrance to Batu Caves

Batu stairmaster

Batu stairmaster

One of the many macaque monkeys at Batu Caves

One of the many macaque monkeys at Batu Caves

–    The contrast of extreme wealth and poverty, endemic to most developing nations, though I guess we could argue it’s true of any place on the planet. It’s just much more in-your-face here. Interestingly, the kids just take it all in without judgement. Yes, it’s more comfortable in the fancy malls with familiar stores, along with lovely AC. But they don’t seem fazed by the crowded streets, often strewn with garbage, or the run down apartments with laundry strung out on lines.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Night Market at ChinaTown's Petaling Street

Night Market at ChinaTown’s Petaling Street

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye KL

  1. Hey, Cate here. Just so everyone knows, this post was written by Gloria, but the photos were by Karl. He’s the photographer (and video-taper) in the family.

  2. Angela K.

    Great photos, Karl. I can see by everyone’s rosy cheeks that the heat was indeed intense.

  3. Lorena

    Interesting photos, guys! Seeing the food makes me drool!!

  4. Definitely miss the food already. We are now enjoying ourselves on the Perhentian Islands which are amazing for so many reasons but the food doesn’t measure up to what we had in KL.

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