Parasailing, Dr. Fish and Monkeying Around

Hey everybody, Cate here. You probably just read the title of my post and thought “Wait, what? Has Cate lost it? Did she perhaps hit her head on that curvy green slide Mom mentioned in the last post?”


No, actually. Fish can be doctors (sort of).

Anyways, first things first. After passing by spas that advertised hair braiding, Meskie and I asked Mom repeatedly, “When can we get our hair braided?” A vague reply came in the form of: “Soon, in a couple days.”

Finally, the day arrived! We thought it might be a little difficult to find a spa that could braid curly hair like Meskie’s. But the place in Batu Ferrenghi assured us they had experience with “black” hair. (We later found out that they had braided black hair “one time before,” which perhaps explains why Meskie ended up with thick braids, versus the finer ones she usually gets at home. It also explains why the lady was so keen to get a picture of us at the end!)

Hair Braiding

We had to wait a little while until our hair stylist (who, apparently is also a massage therapist and a nail technician) was ready. To pass the time, after a little discussion with and permission from Mom, we tried out Dr. Fish Spa.

You may have heard about spas that have these tubs of fish that nip at your feet when you put them in, removing your arch enemy — dead skin. Yes, we had the guts to become acquainted with the biting fish (though Mom kept mumbling something about blood-borne infections.)

Cen and Meskie did it for a while, and encouraged me to “just put your feet on the bottom!”


I didn’t like it. It was so tickly (not painful, though, surprisingly) and it sort of freaked me out as well. But, hey people, it was free! And now we can say fish spas are one of the things we have experienced on this trip.

Next up, parasailing — it was awesome! It was so cool to be up that high, being pulled along by a boat, seeing the city, feeling the breeze! Woo-hoo!

Cate in the air

Cate in the air

Cen and Karl about to take off

Cen and Karl about to take off

Cen and Karl crashing...

Cen and Karl crashing…

But that’s not all! Here in Penang our friends, Brian, Gina and Maddie from Tasmania, went with us on a boat trip to Turtle Island and Monkey Beach (unfortunately, there were very few monkeys to be found at the beach — there are more down the street from our condo).

Heading off to Penang National Park with our Tasmanian friends

Heading off to Penang National Park with our Tasmanian friends

After one incredibly bumpy boat ride (even crazier than the one we took to the Perhentians, thanks to the ginourmous waves), we stopped at the turtle rescue centre on Turtle Island. We were able to see skeletons of sea creatures as well as live (and very cute) baby turtles, and one older turtle. Turtle Island is also home to one of only 19 meromictic lakes in the world (where fresh water from 5 rivers lies above salt water from the sea).


At meromictic lake

At meromictic lake

Then we went to Monkey Beach. There we had a lot of fun, swimming in the water, trying to escape the waves that would unleash their full wrath on us, soaking us head-to-toe, swinging on a rope and splashing in the water, and building sandcastles. Still no monkeys! 🙂



Chilling on Monkey Beach

Well that’s all for now! Check back soon, as Cen and Meskie have an awesome post for you guys next! Bye!

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