Enlightenment and Excitement

Cen and Meskie here. This week we went to the biggest Buddhist temple in South East Asia (Kek Lok Si) and a cool eco-friendly theme park called Escape.

Advice from the Escape Adventure Park

Advice from the Escape Adventure Park

At the temple we:

  • bought and hung up wishing ribbons (Cen’s was “Be Together Forever”; Meskie’s was “Come and Go Safely”; Cate’s was “World Peace”)
Cen infront of wishing ribbons

Cen in front of wishing ribbons

  • took pictures by the Chinese Zodiac statues (Cen and Mom are the year of the rooster; Cate is the year of the horse; Meskie is the year of the dog; and Dad is the year of the pig)
Chinese Zodiac statues

Chinese Zodiac statues

  • walked up the Pagoda tower (lots of steps!!)
Pagoda at Kek Loi Si

Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda at Kek Lok Si

  • bought fish food and fed the fish in the pond (Mom thought their mouths were huge!)
  • burned incense
Lighting incense at Kek Lok Si

Lighting incense at Kek Lok Si

It was interesting.

In front of 36.5 metre statue of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

In front of 36.5 metre statue of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) at Kek Lok Si


Reclining Meskie

Reclining Meskie with the reclining Buddha

(Note from Cate: the path to enlightenment must be paved with collectable Buddhist statues, jewellery and even Angry Birds merchandise as there were many shops, big and small, throughout the temple. But I really liked Kek Lok Si despite the commercialism).

And now for the excitement! Woo hoo….

Had a great day at Escape!

The Escape Adventure Eco-park was awesome!! We went with our new friends Maddie and Gina. Our first stop was Monkey Business. As you can see by the pictures below, it’s an obstacle course high up, so you have to wear a harness.



Second stop – Tubby Racers. You drag a heavy tube up a long trail (it was slippery and hard). Going down is easier and more fun.

Gina zooming

Gina zooming

From there we did a bunch more things:

  • Atan’s Leap, where you jump off a tall tower (in a harness of course)




  • Tarzan’s Rope, where you swing in the air


  • Go Ape, which is like rock climbing, but up a tree


  • The Flying Lemur – a set of canopy zip lines. Mom lost her hat and also slammed into a tree, but she’s ok. It was so amazing, we did it again (well not mom, dad or Gina, but we did)
Maddie on the zipline

Maddie on the zipline


  • Cen and Meskie raced up the side of a building called Gecko Tower


  • Zoom Bug was not so zoomy, but still fun.


(Note from Cate again: The Escape Eco-park seems truly committed to protecting the environment. This includes grass roof tops on all the buildings and using rainwater in the bathrooms.)

We LOVED it!!

Bonus photos or Karl’s contribution to this post…



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4 thoughts on “Enlightenment and Excitement

  1. Donovan

    hi cen! donovan here. i liked seeing your family trip photos and reading your stories.very awesome! at soccer we’re not doing so well.but we plan to win our last game.go team go! hope you keep having fun!

  2. Cen

    Thanks Donovan. I hope you win the last game. Say hi to everyone for me.

  3. Abbie

    Hola….smile…..Wow….What a fun time…..indeed having some excitement and enlightenment. The Pagoda Tower looks beautiful. I am really enjoying reading all about your adventures. Keep on writing!!! Now, Cen it looks like you put your new found rock climbing skills to use….smile…just in a different way. Awesome! What fun! As well, Happy Birthday Meskie! Well, actually it is tomorrow…..smile…Hope you have a wonderful celebration. Yours from the sunny and hot Okanagan….abbie

  4. Marguerite

    Hey Cen! Been away just catching up on your blog this looks so awesome!


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