“Rate our toilet, please…

IMG_2109…on a scale from very poor to excellent.”

Two things ran through my mind: “Are you crazy? How could anyone rate this bathroom even average?” The second was, “I’m in heaven! Toilet paper! Toilet seat covers! Hand sanitizer in the stall! Soap and paper towels at the sinks! Ooohhhhh!”

Why was I practically jumping for joy, you may ask? We had left Malaysia after an incredible two and a half months there and entered the modern and developed land of Singapore.

We knew Singapore would be nice and clean and modern. We knew the place would be expensive, yet a nice break from our time in developing countries. But still, as Mom and I entered the Singapore airport ladies’ restroom we were amazed, awed to the very point of declaring our toilet woes over…….. for three days.

So we rated the toilet Excellent. We’re not anything close to snobby about bathrooms, and after being through quite a few traumatic toilet extravaganzas on our trip so far, we happily embraced our new-found joy in finding clean washrooms.

I don’t want to sound overly critical of Malaysia. We had an awesome time there the past while, and we’ve done lots of things we couldn’t have at home! We just did not like some of the toilets. Enough said.

FYI, we did not spend our whole time in Singapore rating and observing wonderful restrooms. We stayed at the Holiday Inn there; a nice hotel that we all liked. One of the reasons: the awesome buffet breakfast.

And we didn’t have to pay! We were supposed to be upgraded to a better room, but apparently they couldn’t upgrade us, so instead we got complimentary breakfast. We loved the variety of Asian and Western morning delicacies and savoured the delicious (and fatty, greasy and unhealthy) hash browns. Mom was starstruck as she sipped her “first really good cup of coffee on the trip.” No Nescafe instant java. No powdered milk. Pure bliss. She indulged in a second cup.

Besides that, we visited the Singapore Zoo and the River Safari.


It was a cool zoo and we got to see the relatively new River Safari Park; we saw lots of animals. Just to name a few……

white tiger (extremely rare; none left in the wild)


-Malayan tapir (saw them in Taman Negara as well)

-Asian elephants



-“free ranging” Bornean orang-utans (free ranging was a bit of a stretch after seeing them in the wild)

-“non-free-ranging” Sumatran orang-utans (first time seeing them)

-pygmy hippos (very small, swam in the water)


-polar bears

-giant pandas (obsessed with bamboo; they eat 20kg per day)


-replicas of several rivers around the world with tons of cool fish and other sea creatures (Nile, Congo, Mississippi, Yangtze)



……..and many more!

As well, we visited Adventure Cove Waterpark on Sentosa Resort Island: the big Singaporean “tourist” attraction, complete with golf courses, hotels, beaches, museums, theme parks, gondolas, towers, restaurants and other things.












Adventure Cove’s best attraction, I think, was the Riptide Rocket, a hydro-magnetic roller coaster water slide. It literally sends you speeding up and down slippery tracks (we’ve seen some pretty fun water rides but never roller coaster ones!)

As well, we enjoyed snorkelling, Adventure River, Big Bucket Treehouse and several other water slides!

Adventure River Ride

Adventure River Ride

And then of course there was that morning where we had to wake up at four (Mom mutters about it being 3:45 am) to catch a flight to Cambodia……..

More about this destination in our next post!

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 4:00 am

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 4:00 am

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3 thoughts on ““Rate our toilet, please…

  1. Connor

    Cool white tiger

  2. Abbie

    Hola…smile…Hey, I can relate to the toilets from my experiences in India where squat toilets were the norm and water was the cleaner…Interestingly enough I remember coming back to Canada and actually missing the exercise and the wetness…oh, my goodness water everywhere….as typically showers also in the same space….lol…..Enjoy Singapore! Weather is a bit cooler here today and fall is in the air…smile…Abbie

  3. Annika ;D

    Good job on the writing Cate! The Singapore zoo must be awesome; I’d love the polar bears and the rivers.

    Have fun on the rest of you’re trip! Annika

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