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On our first date, we talked all night – literally. Within weeks, we were head over heels in love. Within months (well, 14 to be exact), we were married. Just over a year later, we had sold two homes, built a new house and had a baby. Four years later, we were a family of five, by birth and adoption. Whirlwind doesn’t begin to describe it. Continue reading
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Road trip! Ama visits! Tassie! A Weekend Recap

Does it get more chaotic than 6 kids and 4 adults in a small house? It does when you take the show on the road in a 12-seater van.


Below is a photo recap of our tour through the Mornington Peninsula last Saturday with Mel, Dave and kids.

Hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies… creating a kid-made slide down the side of a sandy “mountain”… watching thunderous ocean waves crash onto a stunning beach… enjoying rustic pizzas at a local winery to the sounds of Leonard Coen’s Hallelljuah… Heaven. Continue reading

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Maybe it was tripping over our luggage in the postage-size hotel room at the Tune Hotel just outside Kuala Lumpur’s low cost carrier airport. Maybe it was scouring said airport for a food outlet that would accept credit cards so we wouldn’t have to convert currencies twice more in the same day (No luck; we did). Maybe it was back-to-back days of flying with tired kids. Or maybe it was the reverse culture shock of arriving in a developed country after 100 days in South East Asia (the Aussie streets are eerily quiet and serene; it’s so cold!)

Whatever the trigger, last week I hit the proverbial wall. I even have the nasty head cold to show for it.

blah blah

Not actually annoyed; just demonstrating the Italian “I’ve had enough” gesture.

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I bled profusely

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

Yes, I bled profusely. But I will tell you all about that later. Just wanted to catch your attention with my If it bleeds it leads headline!

First of all, we’re in Melbourne, Australia!








Need I telegram more? Continue reading

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A 100 days on the road!


It’s hard to believe we have been living on the road and out of backpacks for that long, together 24-7. “Normal life” in some ways seems very distant, and it’s hard to imagine this new normal will come to an end.

Our 100th day also marks a geographic move for us from South East Asia to Australia. It’s special and fitting that we get to celebrate a 100 days with Gloria’s life-long friend (Auntie) Mel, her husband (Uncle) Dave and their children Annika,  Johannes and Niklas in Melbourne.

We’re experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock (not to mention adjusting to the chill in the wind here), which we’ll write about in future posts. But on this milestone, we thought we’d highlight some stats about our travel to date. Continue reading

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Oh Cambodia, we hardly knew you

IMG_6620Tomorrow we fly to Kuala Lumpur, and then on to Melbourne the following day.

Though we are very much looking forward to time with wonderful friends in both Melbourne and Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, our time in Cambodia has felt all too brief. As I wrote in a recent post (in typical verbose detail), we love this country. I’d come back in a heartbeat.

Riding in a tuk tuk to the Phnom Penh Russian Market today, I felt a little sad that it was our last tuk tuk ride, our last market trip, our last visit to the delicious Blue Pumpkin (a must try if you are ever in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Go for the redberry yogurt shake. Delicious!)

There is so much we haven’t posted about during our 17 days here – our trips to Cambodia’s largest waterfall and a Bunong village in Sen Monorom to name just two. So we’ll try to capture the essence of our time here in the photos below. Next post: Aussie! Continue reading

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Prosperity and Happiness

if you

I have been thinking a lot lately about the paradoxical relationship between affluence and happiness. Continue reading

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If you’re not filthy, sweaty and exhausted…

… you haven’t truly experienced the Elephant Valley Project.


Filthy? Check. Muddy clothes have been discarded.

Sweaty? Double check. As in, “My clothes, right down to my socks, are soaking wet and I didn’t cross the river today.”

Exhausted? Yup. Bedtime at 8pm it is.

The Elephant Valley Project (EVP), located a short distance from the remote eastern Cambodian town of Sen Monorom close to the Vietnam border, enables overworked and abused elephants the opportunity to experience life in their natural environment, while their owners are compensated for the elephants’ short or long-term stay. The NGO also provides a range of other programs to support the local community and ecological conservation. Check out their website and facebook page. Continue reading

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