A 100 days on the road!


It’s hard to believe we have been living on the road and out of backpacks for that long, together 24-7. “Normal life” in some ways seems very distant, and it’s hard to imagine this new normal will come to an end.

Our 100th day also marks a geographic move for us from South East Asia to Australia. It’s special and fitting that we get to celebrate a 100 days with Gloria’s life-long friend (Auntie) Mel, her husband (Uncle) Dave and their children Annika,  Johannes and Niklas in Melbourne.

We’re experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock (not to mention adjusting to the chill in the wind here), which we’ll write about in future posts. But on this milestone, we thought we’d highlight some stats about our travel to date.

Number of countries visited:  6

Number of passport stamps: 21 (thanks to the stamp-happy cruise through Borneo).


Number of planes taken: 8

–          Total hours on said planes: 35

–          Total hours waiting in airports: too many

Number of long distance bus travel (i.e. 5 hrs plus): 6

–          Total hours on said buses: 42

Number of long distance train trips: 2 (including an overnight one)

–          Total train hours clocked: 20

Number of boat rides (across rivers, lakes, and seas): 10

Number of local transport taken (bus, train, taxi, tuk tuk): too many to count

Number of rental cars: 3 (plus one flat tire)


Number of times we checked in: 31

Number of times we checked out: 31

(If we remove our 30-day condo stay from the equation, this means we moved on average every 2 days… lots of packing/unpacking/ packing/unpacking!)

Nights spent in guesthouses/hostels: 16

Nights spent in hotels: 32

Nights spent in rustic cabins/lodges/bungalows in jungles or beaches: 17

Nights spent in rented condos: 30

Nights spent in friend’s family homes (i.e. free accommodation): 4*

*soon to go up thanks to our Aussie friends (Dave & Mel and Brian & Gina)

It’s been a journey in every sense of the word so far, and we’re excited to see what the next 100 days brings!

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