I bled profusely

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

Yes, I bled profusely. But I will tell you all about that later. Just wanted to catch your attention with my If it bleeds it leads headline!

First of all, we’re in Melbourne, Australia!








Need I telegram more?

In our last post, 100 Days on the Road (or something like that) Dad mentioned we are staying with Mel and her husband Dave and three kids, Niklas, Hannes and Annika.


Well, it’s been awesome!


But before I go on about what weve been doing here in Australia, I would just like to say this: Being in a first world country has been a big change for us, especially coming from Cambodia. Tap water we can drink, modern, developed cities, cool parks and playgrounds and of course English is the first language here!

But just because a place is developed, doesn’t mean it’s a better place to be on vacation. In many ways it’s easier, but we’ve learned and experienced so much from our time in Malaysia and Cambodia  especially the amount of poverty and realizing so many people are less fortunate than we are.

Our time in Australia has been focused on friends and having fun. One of our first days in Melbourne we traveled downtown via train. We first visited the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), a museum (though that doesn’t totally seem like the appropriate word) all about the history and technology of movies, TV shows, video games, the internet, social networking etc. We got to play old video games, see clips of movies, walk through a beam of light created by a projector (like being in some sort of alternate world), make animated hand monsters on a white screen … and the list goes on.


We also went to an art museum. I have nothing to report on this. Oh wait, I do. There was a statue of a big hairy guy in his underwear in the lobby. I even took a picture!

In the lobby of the National Gallery of Victoria

In the lobby of the National Gallery of Victoria

Inside the Indigenous Art Gallery

Inside the Indigenous Art Gallery

Fast forward to the next day………. it’s footy time! For those of you who don’t know, Australia has its very ownAussie rules football game. If you choose to click on the link, prepare yourself for wiki-fancy-talk.


Dad enjoying a meat pie at the game

Dad enjoying a meat pie at the game

Dad and Dave

Dad and Dave

Playing our own footy game in the park

Playing our own footy game in the park

It was fun and very exciting (like most sport games) although I didn’t really have a team to root for, unlike other screaming fans. I noticed the cheering and hollering got louder as the game progressed. Why, you may ask? More excitement. More suspense. More beer.

I think it’s the latter, mostly.

It was a bit tricky to find vegetarian options at the footy game (Yes, I will announce it, I am now a vegetarian like Mom).

When the weekend rolled around, we visited the Melbourne Museum with the entire family. It was very cool, actually, especially the 3D Volcano show. The First Peoples gallery was very interesting as well, and we all enjoyed an inspiring show about aboriginals and their beliefs. Reading the historical laws the Australian government dictated in terms of aboriginal rights (or lack of rights) made me just shake my head. Its only just that the Australian government made a formal apology to the Aboriginal peoples in 2008.

Later, we splurged and went to an Italian restaurant, which had delicious ravioli with ricotta cheese! Melbourne is a fabulous city for food!

Watching the pizza man flip the dough

Watching the pizza man flip the dough


Now, the story you’ve all been waiting for……….

I Bled Profusely


If you are squeamish or have a medical condition that would cause you to be freaked out by the next few paragraphs, you may want to avert your eyes. Those who love playing bloody zombie video games or don’t mind hearing about injuries, by all means, continue reading.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit. No, I didn’t gash my knee or hit my head really badly. It actually involved a molar that fell out too soon.

It started at the coffee shop, Cafe Hampton. I bit into a scone and suddenly my tooth shot upwards and blood filled my mouth. My eyes widened and in my head I thought, Damn it!

I grabbed a stack of napkins and spit. “My tooth!” I said to Mom (Cen, Meskie and Dad were at the beach at the time).

“Has it come out?” she asked frantically.

I shook my head.

Once I spit out the blood, I felt my tooth and wiggled it. Within a few seconds, it fell out.

Upon further inspection, we realized that the tooth hadn’t been ready to come out but the force of the tooth biting down on the scone had caused it to.

My mouth continued to bleed and we went through a few inches of thick napkins before it slowed down. Im sure the cafe owners wondered why mom kept walking back and forth to the rubbish bin up the street (we were sitting in the outdoor cafe).

Thank goodness the whole extravaganza wasn’t painful; Mom said thought it would have really hurt.

But all’s well that ends well, and we’re definitely having a fabulous time here in Melbourne!






One of the many laneways in Melbourne

One of the many laneways in Melbourne


Outside of Hampton train station

Outside of Hampton train station

Hampton Beach (block away from Dave and Mel's)

Hampton Beach (a block away from Dave and Mel’s)

Having fun at Hampton Beach

Having fun at Hampton Beach


At St. Kilda's beach

At St. Kilda’s beach

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  1. ahh Melbourne…miss it

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