Terrific Tassie!

Yes, yes, I know, you guys still have no idea what we’ve done so far in Tasmania, even though our days have been jam-packed!

Tasman Cruise

Here we are at the end of our three hour Tasman Island Cruise, that took us along the coastline of the Tasman National Park from Port Arthur to Eaglehawk Neck

We’ve been staying in Dodges Ferry, a place of beautiful rolling hills, meandering sheep and far-away misty mountains.No wonder people come to Tasmania for scenery and outdoorsy activities.

Beside the amazing views, it’s been really fun having a dog and cat to pet and love (what can I say, we’re animal people!), having a two-and-a-half acre backyard to play in and being able to see our friend Madi, who we met in Penang.

The view from

The view from our Brian, Gina and Madi’s house

So, about what we’ve done so far… we’ve visited a lot of historical sites and sweet, old-fashioned towns. Richmond is one of them, famous for its old jail where convicts were arrested and forced to work because of minor offences such as drunkenness and staying home from work.



Built by convict labour in 1825 the Richmond bridge with the sandstone arches  is Australia's oldest

Built by convict labour in 1825 the Richmond bridge with the sandstone arches is Australia’s oldest

People don’t come to Tassi for roller-coasters and theme parks (if they did, they wouldn’t find any, that’s for sure) but guess what? We got to ride a roller-coaster. No joke.

Okay, technically it was a sea cruise, not a roller-coaster, but it sure seemed like one. There were huge waves, bumps and dips, we bounced up and down. Besides that, we also got to see cormorants, albatrosses and seals, plus cool islands and gigantic sea-caves.


One of the many Albatross' who came with in feet of our boat

One of the many Albatross’ who came within feet of our boat

Tasman Island

Tasman Island


I must also mention the Salamanca Market in Hobart, which is packed with stands and vendors, selling everything from pastries and ice cream to hats and scarves to tourist t-shirts to paintings. While there, I got this cool, silver-plated necklace. It’s hard to describe. The following photo will explain how awesome this piece of jewelry was. 🙂




Earlier this week, we went on a short road trip to the east coast of this scenic island to see a bit more of Tassi (and of course to give our fantastic hosts a break from five extra people invading their home!) We were supposed to be on the road for a few days, but ended up returning early due to reports of severe weather.

Despite it being so short, we visited a bunch of places. I can’t really remember the order in which we did all these cool things so I’ll just make some bullet points and throw in some pics, and you’ll know what we did.

– the Bicheno Blowhole: lichen-covered rocks and water that jets up through a rock like a geyser


– Wineglass Bay: pretty easy hike up the hill (still some complaining from, uh……. me), SPECTACULAR view



– mom and dad’s anniversary (I would like to say we celebrated by going to a fancy restaurant and buying a bottle of champagne, but sadly for my parents, no)


– really beautiful beach with sand blowing all around (made our picnic lunch a bit, shall we say, challenging…)


– the amazing Bay of Fires with beautiful white beaches and large orange-hued boulders (caused by lichen)



– cute town called Ross: home of Ross Bakery, which has a “wicked” vanilla slice and an historic “female factory” (i.e. old jail) as well


Wool Museum in Ross

Wool Museum in Ross

– Oatlands: has a really cool windmill and sweet pancake and crepe shop


Tons more to share with you including the cool town of Hobart and the Tesellated Pavement we saw (a natural formation that looks like it was made by human hands) but we will save that for another post.

Bye! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Terrific Tassie!

  1. Annika ;D

    Hi Cate! Good to see you’re having a good time there… Over here holidays are nearly finished. 😥 like the necklace! See you soon, Annika

  2. grandma

    Ella and Connor here -we are staying overnight at “grandmas house” loved your latest blog Cate miss you
    Love E and C

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