We drove down the narrow road to Bimbi Park — advertised as an opportunity to “Camp under the Koalas.” Spotting our first Koala high up in a eucalyptus tree, we excitedly jumped out of the car, snapping pictures and taking video in a frenzy. Continuing on our journey, we saw a second koala, then a third, then a fourth… then a twentieth. It was a veritable Koala-Palooza!


Over two days at the park, we saw koalas sleeping, koalas eating, koalas waving in the wind and koalas caring for their babies.

We even survived “The Attack of the Killer Koala.” Ok, he was just blinded by our high beams and inadvertently walked towards our car instead of the bushes as he ambled across the road. We’re not ruling out the probability that he was under the influence of eucalyptus. There’s a reason these cuties sleep 20 hours a day!

In contrast to koalas, kangaroos travel with a sharp sense of urgency and without warning. We dodged a bullet one afternoon when a large one hopped across the road a few metres in front of our car. Luckily I was in little-old-lady-on-a-Sunday-drive mode at the time (in contrast to my Italian-Formula-One-driver mode, which I’m accused of occasionally by my navigator.)

Bimbi Park, in the Great Otway National Park, was a fun way to end our time in Australia.

Before I sign off, I should clarify for my friends who are thinking, “What?! She actually camped in a tent? On the ground?”

As my friend Karen would say, “Give your head a shake.” I have not abandoned my policy of “No sleeping on dirt,” instituted in my thirties. We were comfortably ensconced in a cabin, complete with beds, a bathroom, kitchen and heaters. We may be on a budget, but I have standards to maintain.

Speaking of standards, we are very excited to be moving on up from the budget airlines we’ve flown on the past 5 months to… wait for it … Singapore Airlines. Ahhh, reasonable baggage allowances, food (!), individual TV sets, USB ports! Bliss. Of course, I may change my mind after we’ve flown 9-hour and 14-hour flights back-to-back, with a middle-of-the-night layover in Singapore.

But for now, we’re chilling out in a Quality Inn close the airport. Speaking of budget, this would have been way out of ours (Melbourne is e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e.) but after I sadly told the lady at the front desk that we couldn’t swing it (8-month trip, blah, blah, blah; tight budget, blah, blah, blah), the manager came running out to our car to tell us he could give us a deal. Music to my ears.

The adventure continues.

Queue the pics…







Our little koalas did some climbing at Bimbi Park

Our little koalas did some climbing at Bimbi Park

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay


World famous surfing mecca Bells Beach

World famous surfing mecca Bells Beach



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One thought on “Koala-Palooza

  1. Photo bombed by a koala! love it.

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