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The Last Leg of Our Journey

Hello everyone! Cate here! All the Fab5ers are looking forward to the 7-day cruise we are boarding today! I know I am going to enjoy the food and activities on-board.


But this post is more of a recap of our time at Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando (talk about maximum reverse culture shock). So I will start by telling you that…. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

Place du Général de Gaulle (the main square in Lille)

Place du Général de Gaulle (the main square in Lille)

When I was a young girl, I loved big cities. Compared to the small town I lived in on Vancouver Island, they seemed full of possibilities – so many things to see and do. And the city lights at night? Magic. For the most part, the cities I visited as a kid were in Canada or the US.

But there is something even more special about big European cities, and this past week we’ve soaked up the beauty and history of both London, England and Lille, France. Continue reading

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It’s been a while…



Greetings from Jolly Olde England. While the weather has been somewhat dismal (I guess we’re getting acclimatized for our return to rainy Vancouver at the end of January), we’ve had a fabulous time visiting with family over the past couple of weeks. So much so that we haven’t felt like blogging (I think we have a bit of blog fatigue as well, but I imagine we will squeeze out a few more).

We’re heading into London today and then on to France to visit more family, but here’s a recap in pictures of our time in England (and a bonus picture of our very special Christmas non-dinner in Ethiopia). Continue reading

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