Oh Cambodia, we hardly knew you

IMG_6620Tomorrow we fly to Kuala Lumpur, and then on to Melbourne the following day.

Though we are very much looking forward to time with wonderful friends in both Melbourne and Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, our time in Cambodia has felt all too brief. As I wrote in a recent post (in typical verbose detail), we love this country. I’d come back in a heartbeat.

Riding in a tuk tuk to the Phnom Penh Russian Market today, I felt a little sad that it was our last tuk tuk ride, our last market trip, our last visit to the delicious Blue Pumpkin (a must try if you are ever in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Go for the redberry yogurt shake. Delicious!)

There is so much we haven’t posted about during our 17 days here – our trips to Cambodia’s largest waterfall and a Bunong village in Sen Monorom to name just two. So we’ll try to capture the essence of our time here in the photos below. Next post: Aussie! Continue reading

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If you’re not filthy, sweaty and exhausted…

… you haven’t truly experienced the Elephant Valley Project.


Filthy? Check. Muddy clothes have been discarded.

Sweaty? Double check. As in, “My clothes, right down to my socks, are soaking wet and I didn’t cross the river today.”

Exhausted? Yup. Bedtime at 8pm it is.

The Elephant Valley Project (EVP), located a short distance from the remote eastern Cambodian town of Sen Monorom close to the Vietnam border, enables overworked and abused elephants the opportunity to experience life in their natural environment, while their owners are compensated for the elephants’ short or long-term stay. The NGO also provides a range of other programs to support the local community and ecological conservation. Check out their website and facebook page. Continue reading

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I Heart Cambodia

IMG_6444The original title for this post was “You had me at croissant,” but on reflection, it didn’t seem right to correlate my affection for this country to a baked good, especially one that’s a legacy of French colonialism. Nevertheless, if you stick with me, I’ll explain my flakey pastry quip in a few paragraphs.

But back to my crush on Cambodia. I am really and truly enamored with this incredible nation and its people, despite the heat, the humidity and the fact that I have received more bites from my nemesis (the mosquito) while here than in my entire two months in Malaysia. So enamored that I even bought an “I heart” Cambodia t-shirt, despite being heard to say, “Why does anyone buy those silly tourist shirts?” in every other place we’ve visited. I think that’s called comeuppance.

How do I love Cambodia? Let me count the ways. Continue reading

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“Why did the world let this happen?”


Cate asked the question half way through our visit to the Killing Fields, a 45 minute tuk-tuk ride outside Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The site of atrocities almost impossible to fathom, where many of the estimated two million Cambodians killed during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror lost their lives in barbaric fashion.

She shook her head back and forth and looking into her eyes I could tell she was both dismayed and angry.

I didn’t have an answer. Continue reading

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