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The Last Leg of Our Journey

Hello everyone! Cate here! All the Fab5ers are looking forward to the 7-day cruise we are boarding today! I know I am going to enjoy the food and activities on-board.


But this post is more of a recap of our time at Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando (talk about maximum reverse culture shock). So I will start by telling you that…. Continue reading

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A Bit of Everything


Hey everyone; Cate here! We left Addis Ababa a few days ago and are now on a road trip across the Northern part of Ethiopia. We spent a day in the city Bahir Dar and took a long boat trip to an island on Lake Tana where we saw two very interesting Christian Orthodox monasteries with beautiful paintings dating back 700 years.

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Simplicity and Happiness According to Cate

IMG_8714I got the idea for this blog on my birthday. Compared to really poor families in Cambodia, Malaysia or even South Africa who live in one-room houses and could never afford to buy expensive presents for their kids or take them somewhere for a cool birthday outing, I had an awesome day. I got a few small presents; we had an afternoon beach outing. I had a wonderful day.

But compared to families in Canada or US or wherever else, who hold awesome birthday parties for their kids and give them lots of presents, my birthday was simple. I’m not trying to vilify any first-world families. I am one of those families, but even more fortunate (traveling around the world; how the heck could anyone say I’m not lucky?) Continue reading

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Crashing in the Cape

Hey everyone, it’s Cate here. Sorry we haven’t posted about Cape Town yet; we’ve just been adjusting to the time and settling in to our beautiful apartment in Fish Hoek.

The view from our apartment in Fish Hoek

The view from our apartment in Fish Hoek

We’re staying at a seaside guesthouse: Picture ocean views from our place, comfy beds, huge bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, plus a pool and a beach just ten minutes’ walk away………… ahhhhh. Continue reading

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Cen here. For the last four days we’ve been at a farm stay on the Great Ocean Road, and it’s been the best four days of my life so far.


Why? Because there are … Continue reading

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A Unique Place (and thoughts from Cate)

 Tesellated Pavement - a natural formation found near Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula

Tesellated Pavement: a natural rock formation found near Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula

When we started this crazy journey, we didn’t plan to travel to the somewhat remote island of Tasmania. But we are so very glad we had the opportunity, thanks to our new Tasmanian friends who we met in Penang. They generously let us crash at their “Shabin” (Aussie “Shack” + Canadian “Cabin” = Shabin).

One of the great things about extended travel is that you can make it up as you go along, changing course when opportunity arises. (Mind you, this isn’t entirely true when your journey includes three young kids, but there is definitely more flexibility when you purchase one-way tickets, one trip leg at a time).

And this last leg has been as wonderful as it’s been unexpected. While we are fortunate to live in an amazingly beautiful place (west coast of Canada), the island of Tasmania has awed and amazed us. Continue reading

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Terrific Tassie!

Yes, yes, I know, you guys still have no idea what we’ve done so far in Tasmania, even though our days have been jam-packed!

Tasman Cruise

Here we are at the end of our three hour Tasman Island Cruise, that took us along the coastline of the Tasman National Park from Port Arthur to Eaglehawk Neck

We’ve been staying in Dodges Ferry, a place of beautiful rolling hills, meandering sheep and far-away misty mountains.No wonder people come to Tasmania for scenery and outdoorsy activities. Continue reading

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I bled profusely

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

The families outside of the Melbourne Museum

Yes, I bled profusely. But I will tell you all about that later. Just wanted to catch your attention with my If it bleeds it leads headline!

First of all, we’re in Melbourne, Australia!








Need I telegram more? Continue reading

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If you’re not filthy, sweaty and exhausted…

… you haven’t truly experienced the Elephant Valley Project.


Filthy? Check. Muddy clothes have been discarded.

Sweaty? Double check. As in, “My clothes, right down to my socks, are soaking wet and I didn’t cross the river today.”

Exhausted? Yup. Bedtime at 8pm it is.

The Elephant Valley Project (EVP), located a short distance from the remote eastern Cambodian town of Sen Monorom close to the Vietnam border, enables overworked and abused elephants the opportunity to experience life in their natural environment, while their owners are compensated for the elephants’ short or long-term stay. The NGO also provides a range of other programs to support the local community and ecological conservation. Check out their website and facebook page. Continue reading

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“Rate our toilet, please…

IMG_2109…on a scale from very poor to excellent.”

Two things ran through my mind: “Are you crazy? How could anyone rate this bathroom even average?” The second was, “I’m in heaven! Toilet paper! Toilet seat covers! Hand sanitizer in the stall! Soap and paper towels at the sinks! Ooohhhhh!” Continue reading

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