Meet the Family Members

Karl   is an easy-going (Gloria disputes this) active father and husband who enjoys both coaching and playing soccer, running and reading (and well watching TV).

Things he wants to do/see:

  1. Lay on many beaches
  2. Visit the orangutans in BorneoKarl and Gloria
  3. Eat amazing food, sample many different beers and visit an African shebeen
  4. Visit many historical and cultural sites (while hopefully not boring the kids too much)
  5. Ride the train from Kandy to Ella

Gloria  is a mom, homeschooler and Communications Director with a healthcare agency. These three gigs have taken up the vast majority of her conscious (and sometimes unconscious) time over the past decade, so she’s excited to shake things up with a world trip.

Things she wants to do/see:

  1. Zipline
  2. Go on a Safari
  3. Visit a buddhist temple site
  4. Walk across the Skybridge at the Petronas Towers
  5. Participate in a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia


Cate is an inquistive 10 year old who likes to read, write, act and play the piano. She also justPicture 029 loves dogs. Cate is an aspiring author and plans to be a regular contributor to this blog.

Things she wants to do/see:

  1. Swim with a dolphin
  2. Visit the Killing Fields
  3. Spending time with elephants
  4. Shop
  5. Make some pottery or art



Cen is an energetic and fun-loving 8-year-old who loves soccer, animals and playing video games. When he grows up he plans to be a veterinarian.IMG-20121218-00102

Things he wants to do/see:

  1. Spend time with elephants
  2. Snorkel
  3. Swim with a penguin
  4. Deep sea fish in the Indian Ocean
  5. Visit a super duper fantabulous spectacular waterpark



Meskerem is a feisty but warm-hearted six-year-old who love soccer, dogs and fiddling. She plansPicture 029 to be a professional soccer player when she grows up.

Things she wants to do/see:

  1. Climb a volcano
  2. Zipline
  3. Spend time with elephants
  4. Snorkle
  5. See a hippo

4 thoughts on “Meet the Family Members

  1. Angela

    Awesome character development so far… 🙂 Looking forward to getting into the plot!

  2. Sung

    Wow! I look forward to seeing how you guys accomplish all of your wonderful plans and how your new adventures transform each one of you by the end of your trip. 😀 Bon Voyage!

  3. Terry

    I’m enjoying the vicarious thrill of your travel news. You are one wonderful family!

  4. Loreen

    I miss you guys!! (((hugs and continued safe travels!!))))))

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